A recent reserach has found five common genetic variants linked to more efficient DNA repair, which appears to relate to a long life in centenials. [1]

Using gene therapy to improve immune response is something that has already been done. A new gene therapy designed to treat children born without functioning immune systems appears to have been successful using a modified AIDS virus [2]

Considering all the above, I pose that perhaps one could use gene therapy to activate the five genetic variants found in centenials that seem to be related to a more efficient DNA repair to avoid, or…

Micro-needle Array for epicutaneous immunization

BCG vaccine administration may provide a protective effect against the COVID-19 virus. [1] However the scientific evidence of this effect so far is insufficient to elicit a BCG vaccination program to help fight the current coronavirus pandemic.

Recently the possibility of epicutaneous immunization offering a better immune response, particularly regarding lung T-cells, than more conventional methods of immunization has been hypothesized. [2]

Therefore, I ask the question: Is it be possible that a BCG vaccine delivered by epicutaneous immunization is more effective against COVID-19 than administering it through the conventional intra-dermal injection?

Since a swift epicutaneous immunization method — Micro-Needle…

Double Pointed Needle for Epicutaneous Immunization. Source: Freethink

A key factor for the approval and wide adoption of a covid-19 vaccine is its effectiveness.

Ideally, any covid-19 vaccine considered should be above the 90% effectiveness mark, but some are in the 50–70% range or even lower, despite being determined as safe for use in Humans in all clinical trials phases.

For instance, the promising AstraZeneca vaccine has a reported 70% efficacy and the Sinovac vaccine is just above the 50% mark in a clinical trial in Brasil. And those are only some of the 18 vaccines currently in efficacy testing. [1]

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to increase the…

The use of mechanical energy in Medicine is something ubiquitous nowadays being ultrasound — a mechanical wave — very commonly used in present health care facilities around the world.

Innovative therapeutic sound applications range from pneumatic pulses to treat shoulder calcifications [1] to microscopic destruction of cancer cells as in the very novel oncotripsy field. [2] Interestingly, Nature has been using mechanical energy to destroy harmful microbes for millennia. Take dragonflies for instance — their wings have microscopic spikes that, once in motion, literally tear surrounding bacteria apart. [3]

So the use of mechanical energy to destroy a cell or…

Very recently a new melanoma vaccine reached phase 3 testing in human subjects. This new vaccine uses two components, Poly-ICLC and Flt3L Molecules [1] — colorfully referred by its researchers as boosters — that according with the main scientist could perhaps be used in the future in other types of vaccines to significantly increase its effectiveness. [2]

Pertaining to the novel covid-19 virus, one could experiment adding these boosters to the BCG vaccine which seems to have some sort of protective effect against covid-19. …

Recently, Scientists were able to reverse aging using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in a small group of subjects. An expressive increase by 20% of the Subject’s telomeres extension has been reported. [1] Obviously further studies are needed to conclusively assert HBOT’s effect in extending telomeres.

Considering the HBOT procedure used consisted of being in an hyperbaric chamber for five 90 minutes sessions per week for more than 3 months [2] one might start wondering if there would be a more feasible, equally — or more — effective way to achieve this extension increase and reverse aging.

I propose that the…

C. difficile infection has been successfully treated in Human Patients using faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). [1] It’s not a theoretical discussion. The UK has authorized a treatment center to treat this illness. [2]

Could FMT be used to treat a covid-19 infection as well? Covid-19 and FMT has been seen recently as a dangerous link. RNA has been found in the stool of some donors that could result in unforeseen hazard to the recipient. [3]

With this in mind, one might begin to ponder the possibility of developing something similar to mRNA inoculation by means of FMT. …

The use of Ozone molecules in the field of Oncology is becoming increasingly studied. There is an appreciable amount of ozone therapy research concerning its effects as adjuvant therapy for more conventional treatments in cancer Patients. After careful analysis, the general trend seems to point to the hypothesis that there is in fact some beneficial effects in using it as an adjuvant therapy since it’s been reported to sensitize tumor cells making them more prone to the action both to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. [1]

Therefore, I state the question: is it possible that ozone therapy could also have beneficial effects…

There has been growing research on ozone therapy’s safety and effectiveness. It’s proponentes state that, in adequate concentrations and following correct medical procedures, ozone administration in a clinical setting is a safe procedure. In some Countries, it is considered safe enough for use in specific treatments, mainly for anti-inflammatory purposes.

Given its remarkable in vitro effects (1), several studies have been set to research its in vivo effects on cancer Patients. Unfortunately, the noticeable in vitro effects seem not to have the same degree of effect in cells present in Patients — it is believed this is due to the…

Oxygen has anti-inflammatory properties. (1) Its use in Medicine dates back to more than 100 years. (2)

Oxygen administration through the airways and , in severe cases, even mechanical ventilation are some of the most common ways to treat symptoms of covid-19. (3) There has, however, also been research on the possible benefit of intravenous delivery of oxygen to the body. One of such recent researches, although still not peer-reviewed and limited to a small number of Patients, seems to corroborate the idea that intravenous delivery of oxygen — in liquid form, obviously — may serve to alleviate the symptoms…

Mário Ferreira

Mechanical Engineer — University of Minho

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